Cultivating Peace: Revealing God’s Peace within Your Chaos, is my story of redemption from a life of chaos. I was trying to control everything on my own and failing miserably. It’s a story of the magnificence of God’s grace, mercy, and infinite love.

It’s not only my story… God is calling it to be your story, too. If you’re tired of trying to figure everything out, if you’re weary from trying to keep everything and everyone in your life together, if you long to feel the hope and joy that comes from being completely at rest in the strength and power of Jesus, Cultivating Peace: Revealing God’s Peace within Your Chaos is for you.

I believe God’s living Word can lead any woman to God’s peace, no matter how busy she is. Each chapter shares stories, Scripture, and practical truths to help reveal God's peace in each area of a woman's life, from her connection to Christ to her home life, marriage, children, family, and work.

Taking ten weeks to evaluate God’s plan for your life may seem like a step backwards, but just the opposite is true. Each chapter encourages you to open up and trust God’s order for your life as it’s happening right now. Each copy of Cultivating Peace includes study resources to help you along the way. The Schedule Tracker and Tracker To-Do List Sheets offer a way for you to track your God-given time each day. This helps you see how you can make changes to better enjoy God's peace in your life. When you purchase the study, you also gain access to teaching videos to guide you through each chapter.

Cultivating Peace can be a personal journey, or it can be a group experience. Consider grabbing a few other crazy-busy women in your life to go through the study with you. I have created a set of DVD’s you can purchase that does all the teaching. There is even a free facilitator’s guide to help your group discussion.

You aren't alone in your chaos. I have helped thousands of women, first through Peace of Mind Ministries, and now as a professional speaker and author, and I have found one thing to be consistently true: we ALL are facing some sort of personal chaos.


There is a way to enjoy God’s peace, no matter how chaotic your life seems at this moment.

Cultivating Peace can show you how.


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  • "I am not a veteran of church Bible studies. I don't regularly attend church. But I found in Stephanie someone who had an experience with The Lord I recognized. It allowed me to trust her. My recommendation is as simple as that. I trust her. May God bless you as you make your decision. "

    -Alexandre Fleuren

  • "Cultivating Peace changed my life. I don't say that lightly either. I am a yes girl; Someone who doesn't know how to say no. I am a people pleaser. I put my kids at the top of my priority list and my husband at the bottom. I squeezed God in somewhere in the middle. I was desperate to find peace and order in my life. Not only did I find that through this course, I found God. "

    -Nancy Drake, founder N:Motion Studios Spiritual Wellness Center

  • "I’ve always thought of myself as very organized, but the Cultivating Peace study helps you marry up time organization with priorities. The study helps you take a step back and evaluate how you really want to be spending your life so the years just don’t pass by. "

    -Melody Bundschuh

  • "Stephanie is a dynamic speaker and she has great things to share with other women"

    -Suzanne Moore, Peace of Mind Ministries Rejoice! Conference Attendee

  • "Every woman should hear the message given by Stephanie..."

    -Nancy Drake, founder N:Motion Studios Spiritual Wellness Center

  • "Stephanie is authentic, humble, speaks through brokenness, and her strength points to the power of God."

    -Lisa Cuss, Women's Ministry Leader, Discovery Church CO.

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