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The personal coaching program is ideal for the client who wants a tailor-made approach to creating a balanced lifestyle  according to a particular season of life and personal goals.


The group coaching program is ideal for the client who has a group of friends they'd like to meet with on a weekly basis in order to create a more balanced lifestyle together.

The virtual coaching program is for the client who has no space to add another meeting, but who wants to build a balanced lifestyle that works for a particularly busy season of life.



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Personal Schedule Management Coaching

Do you:

  • Have a dream but no time to pursue it?

  • Feel stuck in an unmanageable schedule that leaves no time for you?

  • Frequently experience overwhelm in your daily life?


A Personal Schedule Management Coach can help you by:

  • Creating a clear personal vision.

  • Clarifying your priorities.

  • Establishing individual goals and creating a pathway to accomplishing them.

  • Consolidating family schedules for success for all.


While gently:

  • Holding you accountable.

  • Identifying limiting mindsets.

  • Affirming your progress.

  • Serving as a sounding board.

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Small Group Schedule Management Coaching

Invite your book club, church small group, or a group of friends to learn how to build a balanced lifestyle and love their lives!

Stephanie will meet with your group for face-to-face weekly interaction as she leads everyone through her book and schedule management system. 

(6 participants minimum) 

(9) Weekly 1 1/2 hour meetings at your location (in Charleston, SC area)

  • Customized Content

    • Seasonal:

      • Fall: September start dates to be completed before Thanksgiving

      • Winter/Spring: February start dates to be completed before Memorial Day weekend 

    • Topical:

      • Priority Identification

      • Values Clarification

      • Goal Setting

      • Time Management Strategies

      • Thought Life

      • Personal Peace

      • Boundaries

  • Personal Support 

    • Access to Stephanie via email between sessions

  • Individual Paperback copies of Cultivating Peace: Receiving God's Peace within Your Chaos and Digging Deeper

Now Taking Groups for Fall 2018

Cost: $40.00 per participant 

Class Size: Minimum of 6, Limited to 12

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Group Coaching
Independent Coaching
Independent Schedule Management Coaching

One session personal coaching for life's busiest seasons.

3 Steps to Independent Schedule Management!

1. Fill out a Schedule Tracker for 7 days

Simply click HERE to register and a Schedule Tracker will automatically be sent to you by email along with instructions for how to fill it out.

2. Send your completed Schedule Tracker to me via email

Once I receive your completed Schedule Tracker I will send you a link to set up a one-hour chat via the phone to go over your current struggles and goals.

3. Receive your custom action plan to get your schedule under control

About a week after our chat you will receive a custom action plan via email and a link to set up an additional 30 minute chat via the phone to go over it.

Independent Schedule Management Coaching 

Cost: $50.00

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