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Please also visit for a Live teaching I did on using the Schedule Trackers. 

Schedule Management Tool

Maintaining the Cultivating Peace Lifestyle: Schedule Trackers

Ever thought that if you could just figure out HOW to make everything fit into your day or week that you could be much more peace-filled? Me too! That's why I designed the Schedule Tracker. It's an easy way to determine where your chaos is coming from and learn to allow Jesus to lead you through it and into His peace no matter what you face each day. 

Steps to Maintaining the Cultivating Peace Lifestyle:

  1. Sign up to Download the Success Management Tool with multiple Schedule Trackers (free)

  2. Watch the video to the left.

  3. Track your week to discover the source of the chaos.

  4. Follow Jesus to His peace

Schedule Trackers

Schedule Tracker Tips

The video mentions "color-coding according to the list in your book." There is no list in the new version but here is what I am referring to: 


  • Use yellow for time with God. 

  • Use pink for time spent nurturing yourself.

  • Use red for time with your husband and/or helping him.

  • Use blue for time spent playing/interacting with your kids.

  • Use orange for time spent together as a family.

  • Use green for time spent taking care of your home (household chores, errands, repairs, etc.).

  • Use purple for work outside the home.

  • Leave everything else colorless.


Schedule Trackers™ are one of the best ways to track how you actually use the time you have each day. At first, all you need to do is write down what you do each day, trying as best as possible to track the time you spend doing all you do. Once you have the hang of writing things down you can then begin to plan out your week before your week begins, categorizing your activities according to God’s priorities for YOUR life. The key here is to be sure not to let any one area dominate the time you are given every day, as well as to make sure each of God’s priorities present in your life gets the time and attention it needs. 

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