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You Have a Partner in Equipping Your Students to Build a Successful Future 

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Reimagining a culture of success for your school take time, something you are likely short on.  Administrative demands, state and community expectations, cultural mindsets, teacher burnout, and low student motivation crowd together on your day, leaving precious few minutes to begin to make the changes you want to make. You are always looking for ways to effectively guide your students in planning a successful future, but how can you do it more efficiently so you can help more students?



You have a partner in equipping your students to build a successful future.

I provide support for innovative Education Leaders: Administrators, Educators, and Guidance Counselors in high schools who want to reimagine the definition of success at their schools and help their students build a custom plan for a successful future they are excited to pursue.


Through 1-1 coaching, professional development presentations, and classroom workshops, as well as free resources, blog posts, and my book, College Is Not Mandatory, I work to help you be the best education leader you can be so your students thrive. 



Let me support you.


Each week I will send you resources, links to blogs, special offers for my services, and encouragement to help you reimagine the culture of success at your school and equip you to break the current one-size-fits-all mold of college-for-all .

Just for signing up today, I will automatically send you my best resource yet: The Best Year Ever: A Guided Workbook to End Burnout and Revive Passion for Educators. This resource will guide you through developing a plan for your best year yet... and it will increase your student's motivation too!

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