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De-Stress to Re-Engage

October traditionally is a rough month in education. The honeymoon of a new school year is over, planning, grading and meetings have begun to consume our free time, and parents and students are panicking about first quarter grades.


We begin to notice our student's growing disinterest and are beginning to question our sanity for entering this profession. 


What we all need is a break from all the stress and overwhelm, but who has the time?  You do!

Don’t let the stress of this school year overwhelm you or your students! 


Download my list of healthy stress relievers TODAY to reduce your stress (and your students') inside the classroom and once you leave school  

Click here to download

I am an educational consultant and coach specializing in equipping all stakeholders to empower teens to build a pathway to a successful future on their own terms.

I support educators and educational leaders in developing a culture of success in their classrooms and their schools. Contact me today for more information!

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