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Don't let STRESS disrupt life for you or your teen!

October traditionally is a rough month for our teens. The honeymoon of a new school year is over, after-school activities, homework, and school projects have begun to consume our free time, and first quarter grades are coming, which may not be what you (or your teen) had hoped for.


What we all need is a break from all the stress and overwhelm, but who has the time?  You do!

Don’t let the stress of this school year overwhelm you or your teen! 


Download my list of healthy stress relievers TODAY to reduce the level of stress for you and your teen!!

Please check your email and verify your subscription!

I am an educational consultant and coach specializing in custom coaching for teens who need guidance in post-high school planning.

If your teen doesn't know what to do after high school contact me today for more information!

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