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We've all been there. Stressed out, overwhelmed, weary from our daily lives. Maybe it's because we've recently experienced trauma. Maybe we're in the middle of a life change. Maybe we're in a new season of parenting...or maybe it's just that we are overloaded by all we are doing. 

There is a way...

There is a way out.

There is a way to thrive in this life

There is a way to experience peace in the throes of the chaos.


We are busy women who don't always have time to come together all at the same time for a class meant to help us calm the chaos of our lives. But does that mean we don't need the material and accountability of a class?

I don't think so. In fact, I think our busyness means we need it even more.

So, how do I help women calm the chaos of their lives without adding more chaos?

By creating a program they can do on their time table, with accountability built in so they can experience the life-changing process of allowing God to lead them through the chaos of their lives. 

I'm beginning the pilot program for such a class next week (Thursday April 13) and I want very much for you to join me! 

Each week I will share a teaching about a different chapter of Cultivating Peace: Receiving God's Peace within Your Chaos and the Digging Deeper study guide. At the end will be some homework questions that I will be starting a Feedback Friday Facebook discussion about the following day (Friday), and then the process will start again until we have worked all the way through the book. Along the way, I will share additional resources, my time management tools and strategies, and exclusive videos for those who sign up to participate.

Are you ready to experience God's peace no matter what chaos is in your life today?



Did you know you have 19 chances to win one of TWO free 8-week personal Schedule Management Coaching sessions with me?

Click HERE for all the details! 

What could happen if you were free of the negative effects of the chaos in your life? Find out by signing up for my FREE online pilot course today! We stat April 13!
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