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Equip the students in your school for success

Customized coaching designed to help you become

the effective educational leader you want to be.

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Schedule a discovery call
Schedule a discovery call
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Understand your own definition of success.

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Get a clear action plan for moving forward.

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Wake up excited to make an impact

You deserve to love your education career

You can build an atmosphere of success in you classroom and school and change the trajectory of your student's lives without losing yours. 

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You Are A Change Agent

You want to manage your classroom, department, and school well, but you're unsure about how to go about becoming an effective change agent who makes an impact. You need guidance in clarifying your circumstance and building an action plan to bring about real change.

Get the guidance you need to make professional decisions with confidence. Learn how to become a leader who lives out their values and can chart a course of success for themselves, their students and their schools.

Work with a coach who understands the challenges educators face.

Educational Consultant and Coach, Stephanie Haynes, ACC understands the pressures you face in the field of education. You want to thrive personally as a leader in your classroom or lead your school to success, but there are so many demands and never enough time. As a veteran teacher and education consultant and coach Stephanie understands the demands on educators.

It's why she now coaches other leaders to navigate professional and organizational growth so they can become the best leaders possible.


Get a written plan so you know where you're going

With these coaching sessions, you'll receive tangible takeaways so you know exactly
what to do next and how to achieve your end goals.
A plan for progress
A plan for progress

Receive detailed notes from each coaching session so you can track your progress as you move forward.

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Ongoing support

Reach out with questions or concerns. Regular accountability will help you stay on pace with your goals.

Real results

Achieve what you've set out to accomplish. This isn't a plan that collects dust on a shelf, it's action steps that keep you moving.

Classroom Lecture
Build confidence to develop a culture of success.

Brenda Corley, Principal

Oceanside Collegiate Academy

Working with Stephanie helped me create margin in the stress of being pulled in a thousand directions. She helped me prioritize what mattered and make the most out of my time and energy. As a result of working with Stephanie, I have learned to believe in myself, have confidence in the Lord's plans and have launched a ministry that is changing the lives of women and teens all over the Midwest

Christy Boulware

Leader, Fearless Women
Working mom of 3

My challenge was to develop a curriculum for a course that students would enjoy and find valuable now and in the future.  We also wanted our faculty to feel like their time was well spent. Stephanie helped us with both. The experience has been very rewarding, collaborative and effective for students and teachers. My teachers feel supported 100% and have grown as educators. I will definitely keep Stephanie close.  

Brenda Corley, Principal

Oceanside Collegiate Academy

When I started working with Stephanie I saw my future as daunting instead of exciting. Working with Stephanie made me feel HEARD, not just listened to. She’s given me tools to assess my thoughts, get to the root of where I’m at, and create an actionable plan to move forward. I came in hoping I’d leave with a set career I wanted to pursue, but I got so much more. I feel empowered to make the next steps (sometimes with her help) in life to honor who God created me to be. 

Peyton Edwards
University of Alabama 2019
Military Wife

Move from overwhelmed to confident
in 3 simple steps

Let's talk and see if we're a good fit.

Choose the package that works for your schedule and budget.

3. Change the world.

Feel confident in your action plan and ready to move forward.

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Start navigating your career by developing your skills as an educational leader, and love your life in and out of school.

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