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Navigate every parenting stage with confidence

Customized educational consulting and coaching designed to help you manage

any parenting stage with confidence

Schedule a discovery call
Schedule a discovery call
Schedule a discovery call
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Understand your own definition of success.

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Get a clear action plan for moving forward.

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Wake up each day excited about your life.

You can build a life you love

You can navigate through indecision in your parenting and build a life that honors your family, your career, and yourself.

Family Unwrapping
Don't let any parenting stage weigh you down

Throughout your parenting journey, you face multiple seasons of change. Some are exciting. Some are challenging.

Whether it's living as a first-time parent, parenting teens, becoming an empty nester, or simply figuring out how to balance work and home or caretaking for older parents, these issues feel daunting. Work with a guide who can help you manage these significant parenting stages with confidence.

Work with a coach who's faced the same struggles you have

Educational Consultant and Coach, Stephanie Haynes, ACC understands the pressure to make the right choice in parenting. Like you, she's experienced the overwhelm of becoming a new parent, the frustration of parenting teens, navigating the adult child experience, and struggled with work/life balance. She knows it can feel daunting and overwhelming. 
It's why she now coaches individuals of all life stages, from high school students to retirees, to overcome indecision and discover the life they’ve dreamed of having.


Get a written plan so you know where you're going

With these coaching sessions, you'll receive tangible takeaways so you know exactly
what to do next and how to achieve your end goals.
A plan for progress
A plan for progress

Receive detailed notes from each coaching session so you can track your progress as you move forward.

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Ongoing support

Reach out with questions or concerns. Regular accountability will help you stay on pace with your goals.

Real results

Achieve what you've set out to accomplish. This isn't a plan that collects dust on a shelf, it's action steps that keep you moving.

Working Mom
No more worrying about making the wrong choice

I'm entering the empty nest phase of my life and want to re-establish emotional intimacy with my husband. Working with Stephanie is a joy. I look forward to our sessions every week. She is able to help me take practical, doable steps to move forward with confidence. Every week I leave smiling with hope for the future. I feel a freedom I don't think I have ever felt.

Working mom of 2

Stephanie made me believe in myself that I am doing things right, even though the results don't happen overnight. I breathe after talking with her. She is relaxed and positive and coached me into the pathway I wanted to take.

Stacy Phalen

Mother of two

Working with Stephanie helped me create margin in the stress of being pulled in a thousand directions. She helped me prioritize what mattered and make the most out of my time and energy. As a result of working with Stephanie, I have learned to believe in myself, have confidence in the Lord's plans and have launched a ministry that is changing the lives of women and teens all over the Midwest

Christy Boulware

Leader, Fearless Women

Working mom of 3

Move from overwhelmed to confident
in 3 simple steps

Let's talk and see if we're a good fit.

Choose the package that works for your schedule and budget.

3. Love your life

Feel confident in your action plan and ready to move forward.


Today can be the day you learn to navigate your current parenting stage with confidence!

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