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Busting Through

Today I'm writing for Sweet Jesus Ministries. Here's a brief excerpt. There's a link to the whole article at the bottom. Enjoy!

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel as if you are banging your head against an invisible brick wall? As if there is an invisible barrier between you and the productive, accomplished day you long (or need) to have?

I’m in the middle of one.

It didn’t start out this way though. I woke up and moved into my day with feelings of satisfaction, until I sat down to write. I literally worked through about 5 different topics within the space of over 3 hours and…nothing. Not a single usable piece of writing. All of a sudden my productive day came to a screeching halt.


Have you ever been there? Wanting to do something, wanting to move forward and feeling blocked, stuck, cut-off?

So, the question is this: When these times come, what can you do to get out of them? Here’s what I’ve tried today:

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