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Why Do We Resist Rest?

Last weekend, my husband and I visited a new church. Actually, it's funny how it all worked out. Our two oldest kids had planned sleepovers with two different friends and were planning to go to church with those families the next morning. Those families both go to the same church but a different church than we go to. So, my husband and I figured that since two-fifths of our family would be at that church, the rest of us might as well go, too!

We realized halfway into the sermon we were supposed to be there all along. God had set us up. You see, the sermon at this new church was on rest. Something my husband and I don't do very well these days. At all.

I know we've all heard sermons on the Sabbath and the rhythms of rest that God has said needs to be in our lives for our health and well-being. Honestly, a lot of what the pastor said, I'd heard before. But there was one thing that he said that resonated so strongly with me and my current "busy-ness" that I think my mouth fell open and I audibly gasped right there in that quiet church.

He said, "When we won't allow ourselves to rest, many times it's because we don't trust God to take care of things while we're away."

Yep. That's me. Guilty as charged. That is exactly the reason I don't like to rest. Because I live with the fear that something will fall through the cracks when I'm not looking. I don't trust God to take care of my stuff when I'm being obedient to him. I know... it's crazy. I'm embarrassed to even write it. But I am so grateful that God has brought it to my attention.

Look out world...I'm fixin' to do some restin' and I will be sure to choose to trust God's got it!

Join the Conversation: What about you? What's something you may not be trusting God with that keeps you from resting?

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