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My Gift to You

We're almost there! Only 10 more days to go and the melee of Christmas will be over!

I'm sure you have gotten plenty of gifts (or at least plan to) for everyone on your list, but I wonder, are YOU on your list?

Are you ever?

Today I want to give you a gift.

In a recent survey most of you indicated the biggest area you could use coaching on is finding time for yourself. But, if you never make "the list", you will never be able to make time for yourself.

I know you always hope to "find the time" but life doesn't work like that. Think of it like tithing: when we wait until the end of the month there's almost never anything left because we've spent it on other things.

The same is true with how we spend our time, specifically on whether we choose to spend some of it on ourselves.

You see, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, but it's what we do with it that makes the difference. You have the power to make a different choice.

To that end I have put together a list of 30 ideas to help you make time for yourself. May you choose to add yourself to your list each day the rest of this year, and every day in the next. You are worth it my friend. Merry Christmas.


PS: Please feel free to share any additional ideas you may have in the Facebook Comments section at the bottom of this post.

  1. ​Sit in your car while it warms up and enjoy the quiet

  2. Sit in your car while it warms up and rock out to your favorite song

  3. Sit in your cat while it warms up and pray

  4. While out shopping, pick up your favorite beverage in whatever way you want, and enjoy it while you shop for everyone else

  5. Sit in the middle of the mall for 5 minutes and people watch

  6. Make an unscheduled stop in your favorite store just for you

  7. Take the long way home and drive through your neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights

  8. Sit in your car after leaving work with the intention to not drive away until you’ve left the work stress at the office

  9. Sit in your car after dropping the kids off at school with the intention to not go into work until you’ve left the family stress at home

  10. Put on your prettiest undergarments just because

  11. Pack your comfy clothes to change into for the drive home from work

  12. Prepare a slow-cooker meal for your family while you go out (or into your room, or wherever you want to escape to) to take a break

  13. Save up all the social media time you use in a day and watch your favorite movie instead

  14. Reschedule an appointment for another time and use that appointment time just for yourself

  15. Take a mental health day and don’t tell anyone so you can do whatever you want

  16. Take half a mental health day and don’t tell anyone so you can do whatever you want

  17. Re-arrange your work schedule so you can go I a little later or leave earlier and use that time for whatever you want

  18. Hire a sitter to take your kids somewhere fun after school while you do something for yourself

  19. Arrange for your husband/ a sitter to be with the kids (or for them to be at friends’ houses) while you have a Girl’s Night Out

  20. Arrange for you husband/sitter to be with the kids (or for them to be at friends’ houses) while you have a Girl’s Night In all by yourself

  21. Read a good novel

  22. Cook your favorite meal

  23. Get a pedicure

  24. Get a massage

  25. Get a manicure

  26. Don’t clean today and use the time instead however you want

  27. Clean out something (a drawer, a closet, a room)

  28. Get your hair blown out/styled

  29. Get a new lipstick/lip gloss

  30. Get a piece of paper and draw out the big dreams on your heart you’re too afraid will never come true. Then place it in a place you will see it every day.

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