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Strategic Goal Statements: The Action Plan

We have been focusing on Strategic Goal Statements for the past three weeks, breaking them down into specific parts of Self-Assessment, Vision, and Finding our Why. This week we are tying everything together by creating an action plan that will help us achieve success in whatever goals we have set.

Goal setting is an intentional decision to make changes in our lives. From small things like drinking more water every day to larger things like stopping smoking or adding regular exercise into our daily lives, having an action plan to achieve our goals is essential to our success.

An action plan is our road map; the path we will walk out that takes us from where

we are today to where we want to be. If I were constructing a building I would need to begin with assessing the scope of the project (Self-assessment), creating a design (vision) determining why the building needed to be constructed (the why) and then designing a blueprint outlining the steps needed to bring the building to life (the action plan).

The same is true with our goals. When we move beyond self-assessment, vision and why to design a personal plan of action, we create specific steps for growth towards our end result. Those action steps build the framework that sustains our growth, giving us an opportunity to achieve success in any area of our lives. But, like any construction project, there is a strategy to follow that will make all the difference in our level of success.

How to build a blueprint for success.

The Foundation: In Strategic Goal Statements the foundation is the place we begin. It’s our starting point. It’s the mixture of our self-assessment, vision and why, molded into a base that our action steps will build upon. In the case of the goal I have been sharing those past weeks, my strategic statement foundation looks like this:

I will be confident in a swimsuit by the time we open a pool so that I fully enjoy the summertime activities we have at our own pool and our friend’s pool parties.

This statement incorporates that I am not currently happy with my level of confidence (self-assessment) how I want to be confident (in a swim suit, the vision) and the why (to more fully enjoy the summertime activities we have at pool parties). It is from this foundation that I can begin to design specific steps that will take me from where I currently am to where I want to be.

The Framework: In Strategic Goal Statements the framework is built with the steps we will take to turn our vision into a reality. In construction projects, these are the plans compete with measurements, specific materials, timelines, needed resources and costs. In our lives, these steps need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Related. These are the action steps for the goal I listed above:

  1. Drink half my body weight (in ounces) in water daily

  2. S: half my body weight.

  3. M: in water ounces.

  4. A: I can drink that much water.

  5. R: there is plenty of time in a day to drink this amount.

  6. T: daily.

  7. Workout a minimum of 4 days a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes

  8. S: 4 days a week.

  9. M: 30 minutes minimum.

  10. A: there is time in my schedule to incorporate this if I remain flexible.

  11. R: 4 times a week is not unreasonable for my current health.

  12. T: weekly.

  13. Speak truth to myself when looking in the mirror and tune out the negative voices

  14. S: speak truth.

  15. M: Whenever I look in a mirror.

  16. A: I have the power to do this.

  17. R: It is realistic for me to re-train my thinking this way.

  18. T: It is every time I look in a mirror.

  19. Feed my body the fuel it needs to perform well 80% of the week

  20. S: eat healthy for my body.

  21. M: 80% of the week.

  22. A: I have the resources to do this.

  23. R: I know what fuel my body needs.

  24. T: daily and weekly

  25. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, 6 nights a week (Because lack of sleep triggers negativity for me)

  26. S: 7 hours of sleep.

  27. M: 7 hours.

  28. A: I will need to rearrange a few things but it can be done.

  29. R: It is reasonable given what happens when I do not get enough sleep.

  30. T: 6 nights a week

  31. Choose a swim suit based on my body, instead of making my body fit into a particular style of swim suit, by the time our pool opens.

  32. S: a particular swimsuit style.

  33. M: finding a suit that fits my body.

  34. A: I have the time to search out a suit and have set a budget.

  35. R: There is reasonable expectation there is a suit out there for my body type.

  36. T: Before my pool opens.

  37. Focus daily on the truth that I am beautiful; not that a swimsuit, or looking a certain way in one, makes me beautiful whenever I feel my confidence slipping.

  38. S: focus on the truth that I am beautiful.

  39. M: keeping my confidence at an appropriate (not fear-based striving level) level.

  40. A: I have the Truth.

  41. R: it is reasonable to believe I am beautiful because God made me in His image.

  42. T: Whenever I feel my confidence slipping

NOTE: 7 is the maximum number of actions steps any one Strategic Goal Statement should have. The minimum is three.

The Inspector: the action steps in our framework are essential to our success, much like constructing walls and floors and the roof are to the successful completion of a building. Every step of the way in a construction project however is inspected by others whose job it to make sure things are moving along according to safety and code. We need Inspectors in our lives as well. Professionals and/or wise, trustworthy friends who will help us remain accountable while offering insight and wisdom into how to go about achieving success can serve as our Inspectors. In the case of my goal, I have solicited the help of a personal trainer, a nutrition counselor, my doctor and several friends as well as my family to make sure I remain healthy in my pursuit of confidence.

No matter what goals you have set for yourself this year, take some time to revisit them and work through the steps of Self-Assessment, Vision, Finding the Why and Creating an Action Plan to turn them into Strategic Goal Statements. The resulting success will be well worth it!

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Join the conversation: What is one of your Strategic Goals Statements for the year?

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