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Will You Choose Faith or Fear?

The difference between faith and fear is in who we TRUST.

Faith places it's trust in Jesus.

Fear places it's trust in anything else.

Faith TRUST Fear

What are you afraid of?

What are you worrying about?

These areas are fertile ground for us to place our trust in our own efforts, in our own abilities, in our own expectations and plans and dreams, opening up the door to fears of not being enough, of being abandoned, of failure.

Trusting Jesus removes the weight of all our fear and frees us to experience

His presence

His peace

His hope

His strength

His freedom

This difficult time you're in? You can trust Jesus with it. You can hand it to Him and ask him to guide you through it.

He is faithful.

He won't leave you her in this difficult place.

He has a plan. In fact, he has had a plan all along.

Will you trust him today?

Will you choose to allow Jesus to lead instead of taking charge?

Will you choose to wait on his timing and look for his blessings while you wait?

Will you choose Faith or Fear?

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