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What Story Will You Write in 2019?

The New Year has begun. Has it started off like you'd hoped?

This year I was able to ring in the New Year in a completely new location: our new-to-us condo on Folly Beach! We have been planning and saving and searching for this dream property for over 7 years and in December of 2018 it finally became a reality!

Why am I telling you this?

Because we achieved one of my life-long dreams, and I want you to be able to achieve your dreams as well.

Last year I released program called Building a Balanced Lifestyle (You can read the post HERE). It was downloaded over 200 times in the first month alone! I offered it for free because I believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn to create goals and action steps that create a healthy, balanced life. This past year I have even been teaching it to my high school freshmen (Yes! 14-year-old's are learning to create Strategic Goal Statements and master Action Steps to achieve their goals!) with wild success, You should see how much they have learned to accomplish while still being able to be the kids they still are!

What I am offering this year

The result of listening to your questions and comments, as well as teaching the Building a Balanced Lifestyle program to a whole new audience, has brought me a new perspective which I have used in updating the Building a Balanced Lifestyle program for 2019.

I am still offering it for FREE but new this year are sections on prayer and seeking God's specific direction for you for this year through His Word, sections on Long-term and Short-term goal setting, and a series of preliminary perspective-shifting questions meant to clarify how you see your life and the changes you want to make. You will also find practical action steps to creating a schedule to help you accomplish all you want to do using my trusty Tracker To-Do lists and Schedule Trackers (feel free to make as many copies as you need!) as well as specific strategies to take you from dreamer to achiever!

If you are already a current subscriber, your FREE download is already in your inbox. If not, please take a moment to subscribe today. to get this program. I don't send out more than 1-2 blogs or strategies for balancing priorities each month, and I won't bother you with sales pitches. If you don't find what I share helpful, feel free to unsubscribe anytime.

No matter what happens this year, please know that you can start writing your story at any time; God's plans don't have a specific start date you can miss out on. All you need to do is take a step on ANY given day and He will guide you from there.

May this year, and every other year, no matter what time of year your New Year begins, be one in which you learn to trust God, seek out the leadership of Jesus in your life and listen to the Holy Spirit. The resulting adventure, from the struggles to the blessings, is well worth it!

The view from our new property (above) and Scott and I celebrating the New Year on the streets of Folly Beach SC (left).

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