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5 Tips for Building Motivation

Can you remember way back to the beginning of 2019? Did you create any life-changing goals to achieve this year?

It's almost the end of October. How are you doing on those goals?

I sat down and set a few relating to my personal health, my most important relationships, and the work I do each day. While 2019 has been a huge year of growth and change (hello, career change!!) I am currently struggling with motivation to keep moving forward.

I wonder if you are too? I mean, wouldn't it just be as easy to call 2019 done and coast through the upcoming holiday season and just pick up where I left off in January?

Yes, but the consequences would cause me to lose progress and start 2020 in the proverbial hole.

I don't want to do that. I don't think you do either.

As I face the last two months of the year I am determined to finish strong, yet I know there are several factors that will impede my progress:

  • SAD (seasonal affected depression disorder). When the temperatures drop and the skies are cloudy my motivation drops drastically, affecting productivity and relationships.

  • Holiday preparations and busyness. The time between Halloween and Christmas day flies by in a blur of activity that derails my usually stable routine of productivity.

  • The kid's schedules. While one child is at college, she is coming home (yaay!) three times in the next two months. My high school senior is in two sports right now, and applying to colleges, and visiting colleges, and... you get it. There will be added disruptions.

So, how to stay motivated knowing that not only will there be regular interruptions, but also a whole host of others as well? Here are my 5 top tips:

  1. Set goals for the rest of the year. Two months (11 weeks to be exact) is a lot of time to make changes and achieve growth. Set small, achievable goals to build motivation and help you start 2020 in a great place.

  2. Change up your routine. The same old routine will produce the same results, but the holiday season can add additional stress. Change your routine to plan for disruptions so you stay in control, not the other way around. (More on this in coming posts).

  3. Create a master To-Do list. Want to get shopping done before Thanksgiving? Cook an amazing Christmas Dinner, get those holiday cards out before 2020 hits? Make a list and set deadlines and add those items into your weekly routine.

  4. Schedule regular rest. Yes, this is counter intuitive, but there is a lot coming your way in the next 11 weeks. Building rest into your life helps strengthen you for the chaos.

  5. Hire a coach. Staying motivated is hard. Having someone focused on helping you achieve the life you really want has benefits beyond just making it through the rest of the year. Bonus: I offer an 8 week Goal-Getter Coaching Package that will have you finishing the year stronger than you ever thought possible! Schedule a FREE Discovery Call today!

Have Questions or additional comments? Let me know!

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