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Business Building Brainstorm for Coaches

We are in unprecedented times. As a coach and small business owner I have been processing ideas for continuing to build a clientele while honoring social distancing.

In sharing these I hope to begin a conversation about how we can build our business and serve our clients and communities well. Please share your ideas (and share this post with other coaches) below.

Move to/Develop a Digital Platform:

Plan and Create a Membership Site where users log in to receive new content every week:

  • Tailor to your niche

  • Can offer a variety of video content, pdf information, and worksheets

  • Check out Stu McClaren for more on this

Create Pay-Per-Download Content (videos and documents as well as images...depends on your niche/Molly**)

  • Video teachings

  • PDF content

  • Worksheets and printables

  • Workshop content (slides presentations you narrate, discussion questions, etc)

  • Bonus: these can also be promoted across Pinterest and on your Facebook Business page

Set up a YOUTUBE channel

  • Create video posts that would support your Molly/ Niche area

  • Share client testimonials

  • Host interviews with past clients and industry leaders your Molly/Niche would find valuable

Add FREE daily motivation tips across your SM platforms

  • Use your FB page to share. Check out Kim Avery for more here.

  • Create a Private FB group and share more details there.

  • Invite followers/friends to submit questions you can answer in videos (based on the needs of your niche market/Molly).

  • Share success stories (if clients are willing to share) and how they achieved their transformation.

  • Create posts to drum up interest/support for your pay-to-download and/or membership site

  • Offer a competition your Molly might be interested in: They sign up for coaching through a particular issue/issues for a period of time (2 weeks, 4 weeks etc.) virtually, competing for personal growth, measurable success, etc. and the winner receives a prize

Individual and Group Live Training Sessions

  1. Ask for volunteers who would do a live coaching season on FB live to show how powerful coaching can be

  2. Offer Zoom/ Google Hangout Group Coaching for a specific niche related area

    1. Form around a specific life struggle

    2. Form around a specific area of growth (ie developing a healthier mindset)

Donate your services

  1. Use this heightened emergency time to offer your services for free for a limited time

  2. Add on freebies to services clients might sign on for

  3. Donate your services to organizations

  4. Reach out to past clients and ask them to refer you for free sessions for them and their friend who signs on

**MOLLY: YOUR ideal client

What else are you doing to build your clientele during this Covid-19 season?


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