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Holding God's Hand In Full Trust

This year has been rough. What if we could hold God's hand through it? Here's how to walk in full reliance on God during this challenging season.

This year has been a grindstone. Has it felt like that for you? Like it’s wearing you down? Chipping away your energy, your rest, your hopes, patience, sense of community?

That’s how I’ve been feeling: eroded.

Even with practicing renewal and deep worship, I discovered something’s still been missing.

Reliance. Full, complete, utter reliance on God.

I know what it means to walk in faith. I have walked out faith in some hard, hard situations and seasons. But relying on God always seemed so abstract. So...absolute. I didn’t understand how to comprehend it until this season of pervasive, ongoing uncertainty.

We can either walk through this allowing the unknowns to grind away our peace, OR we can see this as an opportunity to hold God’s hand.

It makes me picture a little girl putting her tiny hand in her daddy’s and completely trusting. Not just in her daddy’s love for her, not just that he will get her where she needs to go...but that he will supply everything she needs when she needs it, where she needs it, and how she needs it.

Picture a little girl putting her tiny hand in her daddy’s and completely trusting. Not just in her daddy’s love for her, not just that he will get her where she needs to go...but that he will supply everything she needs when she needs it, where she needs it, and how she needs it.

What if we could do that?

Take God’s hand with as much trust as that little girl?

It’s a scary idea, but it makes my breath catch. How could that transform our lives?

What does the Bible really say about that?

Jesus is clear:

We are to receive Him like a child.

But how do we walk that out?

Invite Him in everything, even where it seems weird.

Walking with God is something we’re called to do in all things--our date nights, when we’re sipping coffee, playing tennis, using the bathroom, giving a presentation, interviewing for a job, making love, mowing the lawn, or playing with the cat.

  • Search God--Build a foundation of what His Word says about His promises and His desires to be with you.

  • Ask God--How do you want to be part of this, Father? What’s your heart here?

  • Visualize God--see Him cheering you on playing tennis (like a dad going nuts over every good hit & yelling encouragement over every mistake). Picture Him baking cookies with you.

  • Look for God: It can feel seriously weird to picture God with us when we’re showering, using the bathroom, or enjoying an intimate moment with our spouse. He’s always present, but it may be more helpful to engage with God’s heart. What qualities of God do you see about cleanliness? What does the Bible say about love making?

One of my pastors once said that we put God in a box. We can’t help it--we can’t fully grasp Him. The size of the box we have Him in limits how much of His love and goodness we’re able to experience. As our understanding grows and our intimacy with Him deepens, the box we have Him in expands--we are able to experience Him more and more fully.

Time With God Doesn’t Have to Be Draining

“I don’t have the energy / focus to spend time with God right now” is a lie I tend to fall into. But here’s the thing--God knows that. And He does not demand of us what we do not have to give. His yoke is meant to be easy and light.

Not every experience with Him has to be intense, or require tons of focus. If we can only bring ourselves to meet with Him if we are feeling “ready” or “focused enough” or “desperate enough”--then we’re missing out on so many other ways to engage with Him!

We tend to get comfortable experiencing God in certain ways, but here’s an opportunity to ask Him to teach you how to engage with Him at other times or in other ways.

Drained? Ask Him how to make it restful and life giving. Light some candles and turn on soft music. Put on your favorite worship song, close your eyes, and just tell God you want to be with Him.

Rest & Sabbath

It can be so easy to run ourselves dry doing things. It offers the tantalizing lie of being in control. If I could just finish ________, then I'd feel (calm, okay, able to relax...). Sound familiar?

In the words of this Gospel Coalition article: From Genesis 2 onward, Scripture points to the importance of rest (both sleep and Sabbath).

“By setting aside the demands of daily life and resting, we choose to trust that God is in control, and we allow him to refresh us physically and spiritually. Likewise, nutrition and exercise are practices of reliance that can help us focus on God. By choosing to respect our physical needs, we accept the limitations God has designed in us." --Arielle Wellons

Be Honest with God

I’ve been learning to tell God when I don’t feel like talking with Him. And what my reasons or excuses are--I’m exhausted, I’m stressed, I’m upset, I’m mad, I’m hurt. This at least gets me talking to Him, coming to Him. It helps me get to where I can confess (because, after all, if I’m not wanting to be with God, I’m not thinking or feeling rightly).

This is where I can say--God the fact that I don’t want to be near you right now means I’m sinning. But this is where I am. Help me want you. Help me let you in.

It doesn’t sound nice--but God always wants us coming to Him, in all things.

Finally? Keep The Vision Fresh

Picture the peace and full trust on that little girl's face as she holds her daddy's hand. Ask God to help you see Him like that little girl sees her daddy.

Join the Conversation:

What helps you hold God's hand in hard times?

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