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How to Restart Well

The world may be tentatively trying to open back up, but how do we navigate this season on a personal level?

This is the question I ask myself almost daily. I wonder what the "right" thing to do is so that I move forward in a way that is healthy for myself, my family, and those around me.

It's a tough question to process as there are so many variables:

  • I want to have fun and be with friends, but I don't want anyone to get sick.

  • I want to get back to activities I enjoy, but I want to be sure I remain healthy.

  • I want life to get back to normal, but what, exactly, will normal look like?

The problem is no one really knows for sure what the best thing is.

Restarting after a pandemic is not easy for anyone. I do not envy any government official right now as they are in a battle that cannot be "won." I pray for wisdom and guidance for them.

That being said, we each must seek the same wisdom and guidance for ourselves and our families, and trust that others are as well.

Restarting well first starts with believing we all won't restart the same way, and withholding judgement of those who do not restart like we do.

We are all in different boats riding out this storm. Some have sprung massive leaks and need repair immediately, some have weathered with hardly any damage.

No matter what, it is my hope and prayer that as we begin to restart we look for ways to build each other up, not tear each other apart.

In an effort to support all of us I have put together a few ideas for us to consider personally which might help each of us decide how to restart well.


Asses your family's physical health. Is any one ill? Does anyone in your family have an underlying condition that could be exacerbated by Covid-19? Have you been around anyone who has been sick? If you can answer yes, you may need to stay quarantined a little longer.

Asses your family's emotional health. We are all stir crazy, but the introverts among us may be doing better than the extroverts. Are there members of your family who are struggling emotionally due to the increased isolation? They may need social interaction more than others.

Professional: Ask about your company's plan for restarting. What measures is your employer putting in place to keep everyone as healthy as possible? Is remote work still possible? What are the consequences (if any) for remaining at home or going to work?

Ask about your customers/clients. How are your clients/customers going to be managed so they feel safe working with you? If you are a small business owner, what measures are you putting in place to help your customers and clients stay well?


Assess your community's risk level. Are the cases in your area increasing or decreasing? Has your area lifted a shelter-in-pace order or is it mandated for longer? The answers here may determine everything else.

Assess the "temperature" of your community. Are masks preferred/required for those who venture out? Do you have access to them as well as hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap? Are businesses opening up? What changes are being instituted to keep everyone safe?

As I said before, there is no right way to restart after a pandemic. These questions are meant to help you get started processing personally, professionally, and as a member of a larger community what may be best for you, your career and where you live.

Join the Conversation: How are you determining how to restart after this pandemic?


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