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Navigating the Unknowns of a Crisis Well

By now it may feel like we have adapted to a new normal, but there are still so many unknowns to navigate. Here’s one way to move forward with confidence.

This week we learned our son’s school will have a live graduation as planned on June 1 with one caveat: each student is limited to 2 tickets and everyone will have to sit 6 feet apart.

I have mixed emotions about this.

On one hand, I am excited that an actual graduation will be taking place. Every senior, including our son, has worked hard to be able to experience this rite of passage.

On the other hand, I am concerned this event may trigger a flare-up of Covid-19 cases and be a root cause of a second wave which may mean shutting down again and, worse, no heading off to college in the fall for any of them.

Adapting to unknowns is not easy, especially since nothing from before is the same and there are so many. What was once considered a no-brainer event has now become a situation full of unknowns that I do not know how to navigate well.

This feels the same for so many other no-brainers. Grocery shopping, car servicing, social gatherings, and restaurant eating all have new normals that seem to vary as much as each location. Deciphering how to navigate each of them well has felt at times confusing and a bit overwhelming: Mask or no mask? Store lane directions or move about as needed? The unknowns seem to multiply daily.

How Coaching can help us navigate the unknowns well. In coaching we try to help our clients process their unknowns and identify forward progress based on their values. It is extremely helpful in circumstances like we are facing now because it helps clients focus on what they know to be true and the choices they have in what to do about it, instilling a sense of confidence as they go about their decision making.

The coaching process can help clients move from where they are at the moment into where they want to be. In my case, caching can be used to help me move from confusion about how to navigate my son’s graduation into clarity in making a choice about what to do.

In an effort to help you, I am sharing a mini-coaching session I had with myself about this unknown. Consider using the questions I pose on your own current situation.

What is one unknown are you facing?

I do not know how to prepare for my son’s graduation so that I do not unknowingly impact others by participating in this celebration. I also feel somewhat guilty for participating in this ceremony.

What emotions are running in the background about that unknown?

I am afraid I will be counted responsible for another flare up. I am also worried this graduation will be anti-climatic and feel unnecessary, adding to my concern that we may be in the wrong for participating in this.

How could you go about turning that unknown into a known?

I could be sure to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer as well as not touch anyone and maintain social distancing.

How does that action affect your emotions?

It makes me feel a bit less reckless and less afraid, but I am still concerned others will not do the same.

What can you do about that?

I cannot control others actions, only my own. I can either choose to participate or not.

What choice do you want to make?

I do not want to miss out on my son’s graduation ceremony. I will attend with as many precautions as I can.

How do you feel about that choice?

I feel relieved at having made a decision. But I am still somewhat worried about the impacts beyond me.

What can you do about that?

Pray for protection for all who attend and trust God to work things out according to His plan.

How do you feel about this unknown now?

I definitely feel less fearful and anxious. I have a plan for myself (mask, etc.) and how to prepare (pray). This feels like it is stretching my faith and it feels good to step out and trust God in this.

What’s your next best step now?

Pray earnestly and daily about this. I may even fast about this as well.

Make sure I have all necessary precautionary supplies

If you are experiencing overwhelm and difficulty navigating the amount of unknowns you are facing, consider reaching out for a free 30 min Covid-Care session today!

Join the Conversation: How are you navigating your unknowns well today?


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