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The Mixed Emotional Toll of Another Rise of Covid-19

As we face a rise in Covid-19 cases do you find yourself anxious or annoyed? What are you going to do about it? Our individual choices can affect more than ourselves.

The thing with Covid-19 is the unknown.

I am both anxious and annoyed by the rise of Covid-16. I want so much for the people of our country to be able to work to support their families and pursue their personal dreams. And yet, pursuing those very freedoms is causing the rise in an illness we have yet to fully understand. 

  • Unnecessary death that can be prevented annoys me.

  • Unnecessary limitations to freedoms that impact more than the individual annoys me. 

 Is anyone else annoyed?

The questions that plague me about this issue are complex: What does trusting God in this really look like? Should I wear a mask everywhere even when others aren't? Do I stay home unless absolutely necessary? Is it really as bad as we are being told?

For now I have settled on these beliefs and actions:

  • God is in control of the Corona virus and its effects. His divine power still reigns supreme. He will use this for the good of those who love Him.

  • I do not want to unwittingly infect any of my brothers or sisters since we do not know how this disease affects people as a whole, so I will go only where necessary to take care of my family, wear a mask and social distance, and be sure to wash my hands after every encounter.

  • Relationships are vital to my mental health, but so is protecting those I love, and so I will interact with those close to me if and when we both feel mutually comfortable doing so. 

How we each handle ourselves during this pandemic matters.

I am in no place to tell you or anyone else what to do or beleive. All I am urging is that you do what Philippians 2:3 calls us to do and think of others more highly than yourself. None of us is an island unto ourselves; we all impact others with our actions.

Annoyance and anxiety aren't the only emotions we have in relation to Covid-19 are they though? There is fear, defensiveness, overwhelm, greif, loss and so much more. Facing a pandemic as individuals and as a nation, even as a world, is a huge unknown for most of us.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you process your emotions:

  1. Take time to identify your emotions. Stuffing them down causes them to leak, or even explode, in ways that can damage relationships.

  2. Your reality in experiencing this pandemic is not universal. We are each experiencing this pandemic in unique ways. Focus on your experience and do what you can to learn to handle it for the situation you are in.

  3. Grace overcomes a multitude of hurt. While we may not experience Covid-19 the same way, we can realize that all of us are under intense pressure, dealing with things we do not have firm answers for and even navigating pathways that change daily. Offer grace instead of blame and condemnation.

  4. Identify one or more of God's Truths to carry you through. Whether you are annoyed, anxious, fearful, grieving, defensive, or overwhelmed, God has a Word for you that will root you in Him as we all navigate this unknown season together.

Join the Conversation: How are you processing the rise of cases of Covid-19? If you are new here, I am a professional Life and Leadership coach who guides others in navigating life's seasons of change. If you would like help processing the complex emotions you are experiencing, developing an action plan, or setting personal or career goals, I'd love to help. Schedule a free Discovery Call today to learn how I can help you process all you are experiencing in a healthy way.


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