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In today’s college-is-the-only-real-option culture it’s difficult to help teens understand all the options available to them and feel like you are effective at helping them build a future they can be excited about. College Is Not Mandatory: A cultural revolution to equip ALL students to build a successful future on their own terms, will teach you why it's important to break out of the mold of today’s one-size-fits-all mentality and how to help the teens in your life to build a successful post-graduation pathway on their own terms.

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The world is waking up to the idea that there are many pathways to and definitions of a successful future, and I'm hoping that this series will get you thinking about these big questions for your own family. No matter your child's age, there is a space for you in this conversation, but I hope it's particularly helpful for you if you have teens and tweens!


I have a chat with Stephanie Haynes about how to create a culture of permission in our homes. Stephanie is an education coach and consultant and shares awesome insights on how parents can create health boundaries when it comes to their education and life pursuits.


What happens after graduation?  SUCH a big question we well dive into today with Stephanie Haynes, author, parent and so much more!
Remember the Instagram Live Stephanie and I had on “Parent Burnout” a couple months ago? Well, it’s time you see what else Stephanie’s been up to:
Stephanie Wrote an incredible book: College is not mandatory. A Parents Guide to Navigating the Options Available To Our Kids After High School.
Soooo good.  Her book talks about other options in a way that really lays it out there for both parents and students. What an important topic!

As the world has shifted, and even finances.. people are questioning next steps..

This book takes you on that journey and beyond.

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Has what happens after high school always seemed cut and dry to you? There is a decades-long idea that after high school comes college and that is the way of life, but what it is wasn’t for some? What if it is for others?

Stephanie and Nellie have a fantastic and educational discussion here that you will want a pen and paper out for. Stephanie discusses the details of the 5 main pathways of post-high school education and the pros and cons of each. We discuss the ever sparkly “college experience” what that actually is and how to have conversations with our kids to start with the end and work backward to find the way.

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In this episode, I am joined by Stephanie Haynes. Stephanie is an Education Coach and Consultant providing custom educational consulting and coaching for high school students, educators, and schools that equips all stakeholders to build a pathway to a successful future that teens are excited to pursue. She is also the author of “College Is Not Mandatory: A Parent’s Guide to Navigating All the Options Available to Our Kids After High School”.

During our conversation, Stephanie provides insight as to why teens seem to be lacking in motivation right now and why parents need to abandon their fear of missing out (FOMO) mindset. You won’t want to miss Stephanie’s valuable advice on how to get your teens talking about their life after high school. This episode is packed full of helpful tips and actionable steps for parents of teens.

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In this episode I am joined by Stephanie Haynes, education coach and consultant. We talk about how we can raise children who believe all options are open for their future – whether that’s going to university, an apprenticeship, entrepreneurship, or something else AND it starts earlier than you think. Some truly mind-blowing revelations and advice. A must listen whether your child is 2 or 22! 


Have you ever thought “I can’t start a business if I don’t have a business degree?” 

If so, this episode is for you. 

This episode is also for you if you have been telling yourself you can’t be in business for whatever reason. 

Stephanie Haynes is an education coach and consultant. In this episode, we talk about dealing with certain perceptions and expectations like going to college or getting a degree to build a business. Stephanie is all about equipping people to pursue a future they want to live.


Less Drama More Mama Podcast

It has long been believed that college is the best option after high school to prepare kids and set them up for career success and financial security.
Now, the rising cost of college tuition is forcing many families to reconsider this belief and question whether a four-year degree makes sense for their teens.
My guest on this episode is Education Coach and Consultant, Stephanie Haynes. She provides custom educational consulting and coaching for high school students, educators, and schools to build a pathway to a successful future teens are excited to pursue.
Her new book titled, College Is Not Mandatory, guides parents through navigating all the options available to kids after high school and provides strategies and specific open-ended questions to use in conversations with teens about their futures.
You don’t want to miss this information-packed episode!


ABC News4 Lowcountry Live

Watch Stephanie Haynes' interview with Erin Kienzle on ABC New 4's Lowcountry Live morning show and she discusses her heart and the practicality of her new book: College Is Not Mandatory.

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New book provides advice to parents about teenager’s post-high school plans

Read this article by Kenna Coe that highlights Stephanie's heart and purpose in equipping teens to build success on their own terms.


Episode 22: Helping your Child Navigate Life after High School

Today I am speaking with Stephanie Haynes, Education Coach and Consultant who was written the book College is Not Mandatory which provides parents with the tools they need to introduce and discuss different options so their teens can step confidently into their future after high school.  She provides us moms with teenagers a wealth of information to help support our children in this next phase of life.  Let’s listen in...

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Parently Podcast 

Stephanie Haynes is a coach, author, and speaker who specializes in custom education consulting and coaching for teens, educators, and schools. She believes every teen deserves to be equipped to build a future they are excited about on their own terms. We talk about the struggles teens face today, alternative options to a traditional college path, and her new book: College Is Not Mandatory.

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The Parent and Teen Toolbox Podcast

Following the upheaval from the past academic year, there are many young people who are trying to come to terms with changed plans. Some changes have been thrust upon them, but also following a year of ‘isolation’ many have had the time to readjust, so their changes are self-imposed.
Perhaps they are not going to their university of choice - or maybe they wish to opt for a different career. Whatever the situation, when our children’s lives take a deviation from that which was expected, we often take it personally as parents and try and fix stuff.
Whilst it’s good to guide our kids - perhaps the better course of action is to support them with their own decisions.

In this episode - Stephanie explains how best to do just that.

Want to know more? Then Grab a cuppa - and keep listening!

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Is your student struggling in high school? Are you worried they will? Don’t go it alone! Join other parents at Oceanside Collegiate Academy in the Café, on Wednesday, September 28 at 6:30pm for a light-hearted discussion and practical workshop designed to give you the tools you need to help your student have the best possible chance at success.

Topics covered will include:

  • Defining Success

  • Establishing Boundaries

  • The C.O.A.C.H approach

  • Building Accountability

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2022 
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Who: Parents of teens who attend Oceanside Collegiate Academy 
Location: Oceanside Café: 580 Faison Rd. Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466