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Discover Tools for Talking to Your Teen About Their Future (No Yelling Required!)

I know parents like you want to help your team feel confident about their plans after high school but you're not sure how to help your teen determine a direction that reflects their values, passions, and interests.

Your teen dodges your questions about their future plans. You then resort to lectures and arguments, which fuels your student’s anxiety over making a decision and then you're both fed up and exhausted by the entire process. 

You and your teen shouldn't fight over what happens after high school graduation. As a parent, you shouldn't struggle to guide your student through the available options. Your student shouldn't feel overwhelming pressure to make the perfect decision. 

This should be an exciting time of exploring possibilities for the future. That's exactly why I wrote College is Not Mandatory, A Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Options Available to Our Kids After High School

This book will give you 3 things: 

  • Gain an understanding of how our culture came to put such an emphasis on sending every student to college dash even if it's not the best fit. 
  • Parent-focused insight into the benefits and drawbacks of the five major pathways available to high school students after graduation: community colleges, trade schools and apprentice programs, the military, gap seasons, and four-year colleges (including collegiate athletics).
  • Healthy strategies and specific open-ended questions to use in conversations with your teen about their future.


STEPHANIE R HAYNES is an education coach and consultant specializing in guiding educators, parents, and students through seasons of transition.

She's a veteran educator, speaker, an author who balances her career with spending time with her husband of 25 years, two children, and two rescue dogs, and spending time outdoors in all the nature South Carolina has to offer. 


Facebook: @EdCoachStephHaynes

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