Independent Schedule Management Consulting is designed to be a short-term commitment to help anyone assess their current situation in a healthy way and reposition their direction based on strategic goals.

First, we will assess your current situation in life (no judgement here, ever) based on your completed Schedule Tracker and a one-hour consultation call where we will discuss your passions, your goals and your current limitations.

Second,  based on the information you have provided me, I will create a specific action plan for you meant to guide you in pursuit of your goals and dreams. Included will be specific action steps and strategies for how to manage your time so that you can take care of the priorities in your life, pursue your dreams, and finally build a schedule you can live with.

Third, once I email that plan to you, we will set up another 30-minute call to go over it and give you the opportunity to ask me any questions! After that you'll be on a new path to building a balanced lifestyle and loving your life!

Independent Schedule Management Consulting

  • If you are unhappy with this service you may request a refund in writing via email to before you submit your Schedule Trackder to me. 

  • Once you receive your download, please reply to the email with the following information so I can set up your follow-up consultation:


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    Contact Phone Number

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