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Are You Ready for Some Peace?

April 5, 2017


We've all been there. Stressed out, overwhelmed, weary from our daily lives. Maybe it's because we've recently experienced trauma. Maybe we're in the middle of a life change. Maybe we're in a new season of parenting...or maybe it's just that we are overloaded by all we are doing. 


There is a way...

There is a way out.

There is a way to thrive in this life

There is a way to experience peace in the throes of the chaos.


I have endured such chaos...still do. Currently my chaos is in several forms. Navigating a new season of parenthood where I am now a coach on the sidelines as my daughter experiences her first year in college. Discerning the nuances of parenting my active high school son as he enters into manhood. Re-wiring our marriage as my husband and I learn to relate to one another in our changing roles and as we age. Building two different companies; one on my own and one in partnership with my good friend who lives in another state. 


Life is busy and chaotic. My anxiety is rising. My thought life is spewing fear and worry wrapped in lies about who I am and what God says about me. If I don't re-direct them I become overwhelmed, frantic...stuck in a pattern of striving that never leads anywhere positive. 


It's a pattern of living that is in direct opposition to the peace God has planned for us. The peace that comes from trusting His ways over our own, following the ways of Jesus over the ways of our culture, and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit instead of the lies of the enemy. 


How to Calm the Chaos

The first time I awakened to the pattern of life I had been living with that created the chaos I was stuck in, I came to understand that the choices I was making and the expectations I had set for myself and my relationships were flawed. I spent several years re-working my life from the inside out. Since then I have created a sort of rhythm to living based on the knowledge of who God is and who I am to Him. That rhythm became a class called Cultivating Peace where I shared my life's experiences and what God had showed me through His Word. That class was the springboard for a book and speaking ministry designed to teach women how to cultivate God's peace within their lives.


Today, we are busy women who don't always have time to come together all at the same time for a class meant to help us calm the chaos of our lives. But does that mean we don't need the material and accountability of a class? I don't think so. In fact, I think our busyness means we need it even more.


So, how do I help women calm the chaos of their lives without adding more chaos? By creating a program they can do on their time table, with accountability built in so they can experience the life-changing process of allowing God to lead them through the chaos of their lives. 


Guess what? I'm beginning the pilot program for such a class next week (Thursday April 13) and I want very much for you to join me! Each week I will share a teaching about a different chapter of Cultivating Peace: Receiving God's Peace within Your Chaos and Digging Deeper (the study guide). At the end will be some homework questions that I will be starting a Feedback Friday Facebook discussion about the following day (Friday), and then the process will start again until we have worked all the way through the book. Along the way, I will share additional resources, my time management tools, and strategies and exclusive videos for those who sign up to participate.


Since this is a pilot class, your engagement and feedback will be invaluable to me. I hope to use this curriculum, refined by your comments, to create an online program that women everywhere can use to learn to receive God's peace no matter what they are facing, wherever they live or however busy their schedule may be. In return I want to give you something as well: A chance to enter into a drawing for two different, FREE 8-week personal schedule management coaching sessions with me. 


So, who's in??


Here's how it will work:

  1. RSVP for the Pilot Class (RSVP HERE). When you do I will give you one entry into the drawings for a FREE 8-week personal schedule management coaching session with me.

  2. Read and comment on the weekly blog post I email to you each Thursday beginning April 13. When you leave a comment (see the comment box below) you will be entered into the drawings for a FREE 8-week personal  schedule management coaching session with me!

  3. Read the corresponding chapter in Cultivating Peace: Receiving God's Peace within Your Chaos (Buy a copy HERE). Post an image of your book on Facebook and tag me in it and you will be entered into the drawings for a FREE 8-week personal schedule management coaching session with me! 

  4. Participate in the Feedback Friday Facebook Discussion by answering the questions I post. Each time you comment on my Feedback Friday post you will be entered into the drawings for a FREE 8-week personal schedule management coaching session with me!

  5. Answer the brief survey at the end of the course by June 5, 2017 to be given one last entry into the drawings.

  6. The winners of the 8-week personal schedule management coaching sessions will be announced June 8, 2017!

 That's a total of 3 one time entries, and 16 (2 each week) weekly entries for a total of 19 chances to win one of TWO Free 8-week personal schedule management coaching sessions with me!


I'd love to connect with you in this course!

As a bonus entry, anyone who shares this post and/or the Event page and tags me (that's how I will know you've done it) will receive a bonus entry into the drawings for a FREE 8-week personal schedule management coaching session with me!





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