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Navigate your education pathway with confidence

Customized coaching to help your student make the most of their educational journey

Schedule a discovery call
Schedule a discovery call
Schedule a discovery call
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Define what success means to you

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Develop a clear plan for moving forward

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Wake up each day excited about your future

You deserve to love your life

You can give your student the opportunity to learn to navigate through indecision, uncertainty, and apathy in their educational journey.

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Embrace the next season

It's overwhelming to know how to motivate your student through the different phases of their educational journey.  You're worried they'll make the wrong decision or choose the wrong career path. Life is filled with moments where we will watch our students stand at a crossroads and struggle over which way to go. Instead of worrying, give your student the opportunity to build the skills they need to thrive. Work with a guide who can help them learn to navigate these decisions and develop a successful life. 

Work with a coach who gets your student

Having worked for a dozen years as a high school teacher and a mom of two young adults, Educational Consultant and Coach, Stephanie Haynes, ACC understands the pressure young people face to make the right choice. They're faced with decisions about which college to attend, what classes to take and what career path to follow. They don't want to disappoint you and yet they want to follow their dreams. It's scary for them to step into the unknown and overwhelming for you to watch them struggle.

Stephanie coaches students and young professionals to help them overcome indecision and discover the life they’ve dreamed of having.

Get a written plan so you know where your student is going

With these custom coaching sessions, your student will develop receive tangible takeaways so they know exactly what to do next and how to achieve their end goals.
A plan for progress
A plan for progress

Receive detailed notes from each coaching session so you can track your students progress as they move forward.

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Ongoing support

Your student can reach out with questions or concerns. Regular accountability will help them stay on pace with their goals.

Real results

I will help your student achieve what they've set out to accomplish. This isn't a plan that collects dust on a shelf, it's action steps that keep them moving.

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No more worrying about your student's success

I was very lost and had no idea what direction I needed to go after high school which was making me very anxious. Working with Stephanie has been a very helpful experience. She really helps guide me but also allows me to make my own decisions. Now I know what I’d like to do after high school and how I need to get there.

Senior High School Client

My daughter had little direction or focus and constant "nagging" was not getting us anywhere. Working with Stephanie has helped my daughter own her future after high school. My daughter is starting to realize that the effort she puts in now will affect the outcome later. Stephanie is great to work with. I love the notes that we receive after each session to keep communication open. This helps our daughter to know what her tasks are for the coming week. I would highly recommend Stephanie if you are looking for a coach for your teenager.

Elena Lawson

Parent of Student Client

When we started working with Stephanie, school wasn’t going well and I struggled with how to help my son. Each time after talking with Stephanie my son came away excited. He had talked about a career plan before, but she was able to help him navigate specifically to what he really wanted to do. His attitude started to change and was more focused on school.

Stacy Phalen

Parent of Student Client

Move from overwhelmed to confident
in 3 simple steps

Let's talk and see if we're a good fit.

Choose the package that works for your schedule and budget.

3. Love your life

Feel confident in your action plan and ready to move forward.

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Stop wasting time mired in indecision and overwhelm over your student's educational pathway, and instead, help them learn to build a life they will love.