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Waves of Change Charleston

The best course to set your high school student up for success!

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Schedule a discovery call
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Study Skills

Learn how to study according to your learning style

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Goal  Setting

Develop a clear vision of success and create goals to achieve it.

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Time Management

Discover how to make your time work for you.

Your teen deserves the ability to build success for themselves in high school

No teen should struggle through high school simply because they don't know how to navigate it effectively.

Develop the confidence to succeed

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Work with experts who can help your student succeed

Help your teen develop a personal strategy for success!

With each session of this program, your teen will receive tangible takeaways so they know exactly what to do to succeed in the classroom and in their life
A plan for progress
A plan for progress

Your teen will develop a comprehensive, personal plan for academic success

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Personal support

Every session is filled with support, encouragement and focus on your teen!

Real results

The strategies your teen develops will help them stay on task and earn the grades they want

No more worrying about making the wrong choice
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 description of course OR of working with Shannon/Stephanie

description of course

description of course OR of working with Shannon/Stephanie

Here's how to move forward

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This course is perfect for freshmen and sophomores.

Make sure they are at every session

Each session has a unique focus, but together they create a comprehensive plan for success. 

Celebrate their success!

Experience the freedom of a teen who is responsible for their education and knows how to build success!

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Don't let your teen struggle in high school!

Register today and get the help your teen needs to succeed!

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