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Educational Consulting and Coaching for today's high schools, students, and educators 

Because every teen deserves to be equipped to build a successful future on their own terms.

We provide custom educational consulting and coaching for high school students, educators, and schools that equips all stakeholders to build a pathway to a future teens are excited to pursue. 

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Custom educational consulting and coaching that works

With your custom coaching sessions, you'll receive tangible takeaways so you know exactly
what to do next and how to achieve your end goals.
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A plan for progress

Set achievable goals and action steps in each coaching session so you can track your progress as you move forward.

Ongoing support

Consistent accountability and support from weekly sessions and in-between communication fosters new habits and removes limiting mindsets

Real results

Together we will work to Achieve what you've set out to accomplish. This isn't a plan that collects dust on a shelf, it's action steps that keep you moving.



Develop your own definition of success.



Create a clear action plan for moving forward.

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Wake up each day excited about your life.


THE guide to help you equip the teens in your life to build a successful future on their own terms.

College Is Not Mandatory was introduced to parents, educators, and students, during a soft launch period in spring 2021.
We are excited for its official product launch this September!
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Help your teen explore new opportunities

Today's teen faces huge pressure to succeed. However, not every teen knows how to define success for themselves. The result? Teens who are overwhelmed, stuck, and shut down to education and trying new things. Custom educational consulting and coaching creates a clear pathway for exploration that develops a vision of success and creates excitement about the journey.

Stephanie Haynes understands the pressures today's teens face. She's helped thousands of teens navigate high school as an educator, parent, and coach. She's experienced the frustrations of the classroom and pressure-filled culture within schools, the overwhelm of parenting teens, and the frustration of guiding students along their educational journey. She knows today's teens need help now more than ever. 


It's why she now coaches teens, educators, and school leaders to overcome today's cookie-cutter culture and discover for themselves the endless possibilities available to define success individually. 

Work with a coach who understands the struggles your teen faces.
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A process that eliminates the overwhelm and delivers confidence

"Our daughter had no plan for life after high school. Stephanie's LIFE CHANGING process gave our
daughter a clear path that we both felt comfortable with. She helped our daughter to really focus on
solving the problem and dive deep into what would make her happy."

- AB, gap season parent

"My daughter had little direction or focus and constant "nagging" was not getting us anywhere. Working with Stephanie has helped my daughter own her future after high school. Madeline is starting to realize
that the effort she puts in now will affect the outcome later. Stephanie is great to work with. I love the notes that we receive after each session to keep communication open. This helps Madeline to know what her tasks are for the coming week. I would highly recommend Stephanie if you are looking for a coach for your teenager."

- EL, community college parent

I worked with Stephanie over 8 weekly sessions in order to find a new direction with my career.  She is professional and well organized, always communicating expectations clearly and consistently throughout the discovery call and into the sessions. She provided thorough notes and action items for each discussion.  Stephanie is easy to talk to and is an observant listener. She is able to help you tie your thoughts & feelings together in order to realize patterns in your life or underlying beliefs that may be holding you back. We stayed on track and made progress each call, but she also remained flexible in a way that made me feel heard. I'm actively pursuing my new career path and look forward to keeping in touch with this awesome lady!

MK, career coaching client

When I started working with Stephanie I saw my future as daunting instead of exciting. Working with Stephanie made me feel HEARD, not just listened to. She’s given me tools to assess my thoughts, get to the root of where I’m at, and create an actionable plan to move forward. I came in hoping I’d leave with a set career I wanted to pursue, but I got so much more. I feel empowered to make the next steps (sometimes with her help) in life to honor who God created me to be. 

PE, career coaching client

"I was very lost and had no idea what direction I needed to go after high school which was making me very anxious. Working with Stephanie has been a very helpful experience. She really helps guide me but also allows me to make my own decisions. Now I know what I’d like to do after high school and how I need to get there."

- MB, HS Senior


Are you Ready?

Stop worrying about your teen's future and instead, partner with a guide who will help them build a successful life on their own terms.

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