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Equipping All Stakeholders to Empower Today's Teens to Build a Successful Future On Their Own Terms

Professional Consulting & Coaching
for administrators, educators, career development professionals, parents and students.


Empower Teens to Feel Confident About Their Future  


Fears that your teen lacks the tools to prepare for their future and is not  motivated to succeed can cause strain on your relationship.


Get the help you and your teen need  to build a post-high school plan that improves their motivation to succeed and creates a positive relationship. 

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Concerns over increased teacher burnout and lack of student motivation can be draining


Get the support you need to reignite the passion of your staff and build a culture of success for your students and your school. 

Today's young adults deserve to be equipped to build a career-centered pathway they are excited to pursue. 

Our custom consulting and coaching empowers all stakeholders to reimagine success

and create a comprehensive plan to implement it. 


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Tools, Resources, and Training for Parents and Educators

Many high school students feel enormous pressure when it comes to making decisions about their future. Parents aren’t always sure how to help their teens figure out their next steps. Educators, administrators, and guidance counselors have limited time to spend with each student.

Education coach and consultant Stephanie Haynes, ACC, CCSP, creates custom coaching and training programs specifically designed to empower all stakeholders to equip teens to build a career development pathway they are excited to pursue.


Meet Stephanie Haynes, ACC, CCSP 

Today's teens are stuck in an outdated definition of success. It is no longer beneficial to continue the one-size-fits-all college-for-everyone mantra. Today's teens need to be equipped to break the mold and build career-centered pathways they are excited to pursue, making high school relevant to their futures.

As a former teacher, a parent, and now professional education coach and consultant, I’m committed to working with administrators, educators, guidance counselors, parents, and students to empower them to reimagine the culture of success and equip them to build custom plan to bring it to life.


Custom Education Consulting and Coaching That Works 

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"My daughter had little direction or focus and constant "nagging" was not getting us anywhere. Working with Stephanie has helped my daughter own her future after high school." 

EL, Mom of a High School Senior

"Stephanie's LIFE CHANGING process gave our daughter a clear path that we both felt comfortable with. She helped our daughter focus on solving the problem and dive deep into what would make her happy."

AB, Parent of a High School Senior

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End the Madness of Post-High School Planning 

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Most parents aren't sure how to help their teens figure out their next steps after high school.

Many educators struggle to help parents understand the pros and cons of all the options available to their teens.


College Is Not Mandatory: A Parent's Guide To Navigating The Options Available To Our Kids After High School gives parents the tools to introduce and discuss the available options so their teen can step confidently into their future. 

Trade Stress for Success: Get Teens Excited about Their Next Steps

For our students to truly be successful in life they need to own their decisions about their future.


Our job as educators and parents is to help them identify and evaluate their choices so they make the best decision possible. You just need the right tools and resources. 


Schedule a call with Stephanie today to discuss how she can help you develop the right tools for your teen or school. Don’t let those four years of high school slip away without a plan.