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Your Teen Can Feel Confident
about Their Future

Tools & Resources

to help your high school student create

a post-graduation plan they're excited about

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Does Your Home Feel Like a Pressure Cooker Right Now?

You should be celebrating with your teen as they prepare for a new season of life, not arguing over their decisions.

Your teen has hit their sophomore year of high school, and the "What are you going to do with your life?" question looms. 


Your student is feeling pressure to make a decision. You aren’t sure how to help. Conversations dissolve into arguments. You're both fed up and exhausted by the entire process.  

Teen Psychologist


End the Madness of Post-High School Planning


Parents want to help their teens plan for their future, but aren’t sure how to help them evaluate the options and make a decision.


Stephanie Haynes provides custom coaching to guide your student through the available opportunities and make a decision they feel good about. 

These students are moving forward
with confidence

"When I started working with Stephanie I saw my future as daunting instead of exciting. Working with Stephanie made me feel HEARD, not just listened to. She’s given me tools to assess my thoughts, get to the root of where I’m at, and create an actionable plan to move forward." 

PE, Student Client

"I was very lost and had no idea what direction I needed to go after high school which was making me very anxious. Working with Stephanie has been a very helpful experience. She really helps guide me but also allows me to make my own decisions. Now I know what I’d like to do after high school and how I need to get there."

MB, Student Client

The Exact Tool You Need to Help Your Teen

college is not mandatory (1).png

Most parents aren't sure how to help their teens figure out their next steps after high school. College Is Not Mandatory: A Parent's Guide To Navigating The Options Available To Our Kids After High School gives parents the tools to introduce and discuss the available options so their teen can step confidently into their future. 

 "I encourage anyone that is helping high school students navigate next steps after high school to get this book. Share and discuss it with your student/child. It will be well worth it!!" Amazon Review

Take Your Teen From Confused to Clear in 3 Easy Steps

1. Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Let's talk and see if we're a good fit.

2. Select a Package of Monthly Coaching Sessions

Choose the plan that works best for your schedule and budget.


3. Feel Good About Your Teen's
Post-High School Plans

Your teen has a plan that works for them--and that's something to celebrate.

Don’t waste this precious time together bickering about their next steps. Get clarity and direction to move forward. 

The BEST Tool to Help You Navigate High School

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Meet Stephanie Haynes, PCC, CCSP 

Hi, I’m Stephanie! I have two grown children so I have been in your shoes. You’re trying to guide your teen in making post-high school decisions. But how do you encourage them without pushing too hard? 

Sometimes you need an outside perspective. In my coaching sessions with students, we review the many options available to students after high school. Then, I give them ways to assess which option aligns with their interests, values and passions.