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Equip Your Students To Build a Pathway They're Excited to Pursue

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to empower you to break the college-for-all mentality and reimagine your school's definition of success 

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Coming in the Spring of 2024!

World Changers Program

The College Is Not Mandatory

Today’s young adults have endless career opportunities and yet have very limited knowledge as to what is available to them. They also struggle to find careers that are meaningful for them, often spending time and money unnecessarily because they do not understand how to find a career path that matters to them. 

The College Is Not Mandatory World Changers Career Program™ is a comprehensive and multi-faceted career identification curriculum for high school students. It makes high school relevant by providing students with the opportunity to explore and gain an understanding of their passions and interests in relation to their future career. It has been designed to equip students with the skills to pursue a career that they are passionate about. With this program, students are able to make better informed decisions about their future and develop the confidence and self-belief to pursue their goals.

World Changers is an innovative education coaching program that encourages students to explore their potential and to make an impact in the world. This program includes an educator guide, lesson plans, and slide decks to introduce the three units which can be used together or independently. It is designed to be teacher-led or used for independent study, so educators can tailor it to fit their needs. With this program, students will be empowered to think critically and take action to make a positive change in their community.

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Career Foundations

           Career Foundations helps students identify and pursue their ideal career path. Through self-reflection exercises and industry research, the lessons in this unit provides a solid foundation of what matters most in the career search process. Students will be introduced to the Career Clusters and Career Pathways frameworks, as well as the Holland Code for personality assessment and encouraged to build an effective roadmap to success.

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Career Discovery


         Career Discovery provides individual career search lessons to help students uncover their ideal career path. Using research and self-reflection, students will create a lifestyle vision and set goals to achieve it. They will learn how to research personal Career Cluster areas, and become aware of the necessary skills, experience, training and education for each. In Career Discovery, students will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to start a pathway to a career they love while still in  high school.

Career Planning


          Career Planning provides comprehensive guidance for students  to develop a successful career path. Each lesson helps students create a personalized plan that identifies the best post-graduation education and training options for their individual career needs needs. Using the 6 main post-high school education and training options available to them, students are encouraged to explore combining them to fit their needs. In Career Planning students will craft a comprehensive career development plan that helps them prepare for success in their chosen field.


As an administrator, educator, or guidance counselor you know the one-size-fits-all mentality of post-high school planning is outdated.

The problem is in reimagining the culture of success. How do we break the current mold and effectively quip today's students to define their post-high school career pathway on their own terms?

College Library
Your students deserve the freedom and support to build a career-centered post-high school pathway on their own terms.

Resources that Empower You to Reimagine Success

Presentations & Trainings for Your School


How to Help Your Teen Build Success in High School

Choose from two parent-centered presentations designed to equip parents to support student success in high school and in building a post-graduation plan.

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Building Success

One Decision at a Time

Choose from two student-centered presentations designed to equip students to build personal success in high school and develop tools to develop a career-centered pathway they're excited to pursue.

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Building Success for ALL Students

Staff members will better understand how to help teens assess the options available to them after high school and how to determine the best path. 

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Building A Culture of Success

Staff members will create a custom blueprint for developing a culture of success for their school.

Today's  high schools can become centers of success for every single student, where educator burnout and low student motivation are replaced with contagious energy and  a personal drive to succeed.


Meet Stephanie Haynes, PCC, CCSP 

Today's teens are stuck in an outdated definition of success. It is no longer beneficial to continue the one-size-fits-all college-for-everyone mantra. Today's teens need to be equipped to break the mold and build career-centered pathways they are excited to pursue, making high school relevant to their futures.


As a former teacher, a parent, and now a professional coach and consultant I understand the pressures you face in the field of education. It's why I started coaching educational leaders like you. I want to empower you to break the mold and equip you to reimagine the definition of success at your school.​

Education Leaders Rave
About Stephanie's Message

"Stephanie Haynes delivered an informative and timely keynote presentation during the Dec. 2021 SC Career Development Professionals conference. Her message truly resonated with our in-person and virtual participants as she balanced her findings from research and compelling statistics with stories from her experience as an educator, mother, and advisor.

Chadwick Vail, Work-based Learning Partnerships Coordinator
Career & Technology Education Support Team
Charleston County School District

"As a keynote speaker for the South Carolina Career Development Professionals conference in Myrtle Beach, Stephanie kept the audience engaged and wanting to hear more. Attendees related to her experiences and were inspired by her personal stories."

Renee Padgett, ATSI Career Specialist LHS & WKHS at Lexington County School

Confidently Develop a Custom Plan for Your School
to Reimagine the Definition of Success for Your Students 

1. Set up a time to discuss

Meet with Stephanie to discuss how she can help you reimagine the culture of success at your school.

2. Book a Service

 Choose from several options or design your own based on the needs of your school.


3. Cue the Confetti on Graduation Day

Celebrate with your staff, parents, and students as they build relevance and launch on a journey that reflects their passions, interests, and values. 

Develop the Culture of Success your Staff, Students, and Communities Need.

Help Your Staff and Your Parents Guide Their Students Well 

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" If you have a child about to graduate from high school, do yourself and your child a favor and grab a copy of this book!"  Amazon Review

Most parents aren't sure how to help their teens figure out their next steps after high school. College Is Not Mandatory: A Parent's Guide To Navigating The Options Available To Our Kids After High School gives parents and educators the tools to introduce and discuss the available options so their teen can step confidently into their future. 

Resource your staff and share this book with the parents of your students and end the madness of post-high school planning.

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