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Ever wish there was someone you could talk to who's "been there?"

A Call to Courage Podcast is designed to do just that!  Each episode offers hope and encouragement based on God's Truth no matter what you are facing. From needing to be brave, to struggling with illness, to not being able to shut off the negative thoughts in your mind, the interviews I do with real women are sure to encourage you to take your next courageous steps of faith! (each link will take you to the audio file and the show notes)

Episode 101:  Stephanie Haynes "From Fear-Filled to Unleashed!"


Episode 102:  Annie Downs "How To Be Brave"

Episode 103:  Allison Herrin "Keeping Your Past from Defining Your Future"

Episode 104:  DeAnne LeBlanc "God's Provision within a Chronic Illness"


Episode 105:  Christie Michaud  "Battles to Breakthroughs"


Episode 106:  Gay Behr "From Addict to Activist"

Episode 107:  Jennifer Jackson Linck "Embracing the Realness of Open Adoption"


Episode 108: Julie Miles "Living a resurrected Life by Restoring right Rhythms"


 Episode 109:  Elizabeth Koziatek "Being Angry with God: Hope for the Hurting"


Episode 110:  Jennifer Tubbiolo "Releasing My Expectations to God's Plan"


Episode 111:  Kristen Myers "Learning to Listen for God's Truth Amid the Noise"


Episode 112: Lorin Tinder "Reluctantly Answering the Call to Leadership"


Episode 113:  Stephanie Haynes "How Has A Call to Courage Inspired You?"


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Download episodes from Sticher

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