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Navigating the Pathway to College

College may be the plan, but how ready are your high school students for navigating the pathway to that future?

For over a decade now the conversation of parents with their kids has always involved the necessity of a college education for success in life.

I know that was the case for us with our kids. We had always planned that they would go on to earn degrees in whatever interested them.

What we weren't certain of, however, was how to prepare them (and ourselves) for the college selection and application process.

If you have a child in college (or newly accepted) you already know this, but the time requirement and financial investment just to determine which schools to apply to is tremendous, let alone the additional process involved with sports recruitment and scholarship applications.

Having walked with my two children through this process, and in helping several others determine their personal pathways, I have learned a lot about the process.

Specifically, I have developed strategies for parents to help their students take responsibility for the process so that we do not have to feel like we are doing it all, battle over every decision, and sacrifice so much of our own personal time and effort.

Additionally, I have partnered with a financial coach who specializes in helping parents and students understand the financial investment, and value of a return on that investment, in determining college choice and financial planning.

Together we want to bring you, parents of high school students, a one hour ONLINE workshop to help you make sense of how to create a positive pathway forward for your student(s) who is considering extending their education after high school.

In this informative and interactive workshop:

Stephanie Haynes of Stephanie Haynes Coaching and Consulting will teach you how to:

  1. Set appropriate boundaries so your student owns the process while you serve as a guide and sounding board.

  2. Create a workable schedule so that the research and application process can happen without taxing the normal business of school, sports, work, and socializing for you and your student(s).

  3. Understand the various post-high school options available to you and how to determine which is the best fit for your student.

  1. Build a process for determining the potential investment benefits of a college education at each institution your student is interested in.

  2. Determine how much you can afford to pay while managing your other financial responsibilities and goals.

  3. Develop the most efficient debt structure to help pay for college.

How do you sign up?

All you need to do is click this link and answer a few questions (about 1 minute of your time) so we know when the best times are for you.

Once you do, you will be added to our contact list (we will NOT spam you with anything other than updates about the schedule) and contact you with the schedule of workshops we plan to present this year.

Questions? Feel free to send me an email:

Join to conversation: How are you preparing your high school student for life after high school?


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